(Que Pasaría) Si Mi Chica Se Llamara Shakira (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: El Chojin
  • Canción: (Que Pasaría) Si Mi Chica Se Llamara Shakira
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(What Would Happen) If My Girl Was Called Shakira

OK, now I’m going to tell you
What I think would happen if my girl was called Shakira
I would get up every morning
to see what new cover my face has appeared on
or my ass sunbathing on the beach
for sure, paparazzi would be living in my front door
all the rappers would hate me and say
"El Chojin is rubbish, what’s he doing with that woman"
No doubt the critics would be brutal
and the truth is that it would be torture listening to them
Anyway sure my career was going
from eternal promise to shining stardom
they know what sells papers
my agent would definitely want me to learn to shake my hips
I could have a number one in the top forty
at last I would reach top sales
and do you know what? perhaps the only downside could be
that Chojin would just be the boyfriend of ...
Shakira! Could be my girl
Probably that would sort out my life
The bank wouldn’t return anymore of my bills
If my girl was called Shakira
Movistar would sponsor my tours,
I’d have a sweet contract to wear adidas
It’s not that I’m especially keen, but maybe
they’ll send me to represent Spain at Eurovision
I wouldn’t even have to be good to sell either
They’d say "she’s the star, he’s the parasite"
They’d be right, my ego would suffer hugely
We’d argue and they’d talk about us on TV
I’d know what it’s like inside a limousine
It has to be cool, I'm used to the underground
I would go from being half famous to being completely famous
famous consort, hopefully, depending, but
there’s always a but
what I’d have achieved wouldn’t be for my merits
I’d end up believing that I deserve the successes
leaving aside the fact that it came because I was the boy of…
Shakira! Could be my girl…
Can living with a sex symbol convert you into a sex symbol?
Because if so that’s a plus point
there are loads of good things about going out with a star
jealousy is not one of them
all day traveling in distant countries
being courted by models and good looking actors
I'm not saying we couldn’t take it, just that I'm from the streets
and traveling so much overwhelms me
In short I force myself to think
even though it wouldn’t be bad we couldn’t last
because as you know well I’ am proud person
I love that my lack of success is on my own merit
I don’t want to break your heart with this girl
but you should continue your life
I’m really sorry, you’re spectacular
but I wasn’t born just to be the guy that…
Shakira! Could be my girl…
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(Que Pasaría) Si Mi Chica Se Llamara Shakira

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