At this rate

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Idiomatic translations of "At this rate"

Au train où vont les choses
A ce train là
At that rate
Di questo passo

Meanings of "At this rate"


If matters continue in this way. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Такими темпами, с такой скоростью, при таких условиях, если так пойдёт дальше

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"At this rate" en letras

REOL - This World: Loading...

Test, report, the unending overtime
With HP items I Continue everyday
At this rate it'll never end
In this world, 1UP. It's not over yet.

REOL - Mirage

If you conceal this flower, no one will know
At this rate I'll be swallowed

Conan Gray - Generation Why

Parents think we're fast asleep
But as soon as we're home we're sneaking out the window
'Cause at this rate of earth decay
Our world's ending at noon


Struck with jealousy that overflows from within
I felt like if I did, I'd be saved
At this rate, I can't escape, I can't do anything
Today laughs, as again, it paints me over

DAOKO - Cast for You

My heart is creaking and trembling at movement
Sigh. My pulse is dizzying, maybe an illness?
Oh no, at this rate...
When I work up the courage to say something

Taemin - Pinocchio

The sincerity
hidden more deeply
At this rate,
I think my real self is going to disappear

Seventeen - Trauma

I waited without much thought
But now I realize
At this rate, I’ll be all alone


I want to have the same feelings as you...

It's all that's in my head, ugh at this rate it's really as if
It seems that I like you more, huh

Daddy Yankee - Grind

Bam bam, aye she likes it
bam bam, at this rate you keep outdoing yourself
bam bam, aye she asks for it

Doğukan Manço - Calm Down!

Oh, a flurry, a hurry...
Everybody will strangle one another.
What will our end happend at this rate?
Some of them are obsessed with Alaturka. (Turkish Style)

Be More Chill (Musical) - More than Survive

If my nuts were any smaller
They would be totally gone
If I continue at thIs rate
The only thing I'll ever date

Day6 - Say wow

I was about to go to you but I didn’t
I was about to hug you but I didn’t
At this rate,
The night’s gonna be over

Epik High - Love Love Love

No one knows my heart, actually only you don’t know
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating, at this rate we’ll meet again someday

Speed - Don't tease me

Let me see how well you’re doing, there’s no time so run away
If you go at this rate, you won’t go very far
I’m not the me of the past

Sakura trick - Won’t you kiss me?

I know that we're friends but my feeling for you is something more?!
At this rate, I may lose myself

Aimer - If I had never met you -Summer Snow Winter Flower-

I don't need memories. I want to sleep forever.
At this rate it'll be better if morning doesn't come
Inside my dreams you are always smiling

GOT7 - Tic Tic Tok

You got me good I feel real good, at the first sight
Right now in this room, everything seems to have stopped
At this rate, with you there is no time to be bored, keep going
I'll engrave myself in you Girl you're my diamond

Mummy-D - okay!

Sorry, just wait a moment
It's not like I mean to be insuring this
Oh shit, at this rate
It's already... maybe...

Bích Phương - Let's Fall In Love

I feel safe by your side
You, gentle and warm
But at this rate, who will speak first?

REOL - Midnight Stroller

It seems I'll be absorbed by this wide sky
At this rate I feel I'll melt away to nothingness