At this rate

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Idiomatic translations of "At this rate"

Au train où vont les choses
A ce train là
At that rate
Di questo passo

Meanings of "At this rate"


If matters continue in this way. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Такими темпами, с такой скоростью, при таких условиях, если так пойдёт дальше

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"At this rate" en letras

Doğukan Manço - Calm Down!

Oh, a flurry, a hurry...
Everybody will strangle one another.
What will our end happend at this rate?
Some of them are obsessed with Alaturka. (Turkish Style)

DAOKO - Cast for You

My heart is creaking and trembling at movement
Sigh. My pulse is dizzying, maybe an illness?
Oh no, at this rate...
When I work up the courage to say something

REOL - This World: Loading...

Test, report, the unending overtime
With HP items I Continue everyday
At this rate it'll never end
In this world, 1UP. It's not over yet.


I want to have the same feelings as you...

It's all that's in my head, ugh at this rate it's really as if
It seems that I like you more, huh

Bích Phương - Let's Fall In Love

I feel safe by your side
You, gentle and warm
But at this rate, who will speak first?


Struck with jealousy that overflows from within
I felt like if I did, I'd be saved
At this rate, I can't escape, I can't do anything
Today laughs, as again, it paints me over

Speed - Don't tease me

Let me see how well you’re doing, there’s no time so run away
If you go at this rate, you won’t go very far
I’m not the me of the past

Zardanadam - "Why?" I asked myself

Save today's sorrow for tomorrow's joy.
Imagine the beautiful days, ignore the world,
at this rate, you'll be burn, so don't get angry to the world.
Don't let the things you own, own you,

Epica - Living A Lie (The Embrace That Smothers Part VIII)

And we wait for the day
to discover there's no way.
I can't wait at this rate.
It's too little and too late

J-Ax - Born all wrong

my first crush leaves me six feet under
me:"we're just friends" and you, your tongue in her mouth
it was clear to everyone that at this rate
you would become a leadet

Jun'ichi Kanemaru - December's Fairytale

We glide along the silvery coastline, sleighin' holy night

At this rate, I want to be Santa and carry you away
The pink-gold moon softly colours your face

Epik High - Love Love Love

No one knows my heart, actually only you don’t know
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating, at this rate we’ll meet again someday

REOL - Midnight Stroller

It seems I'll be absorbed by this wide sky
At this rate I feel I'll melt away to nothingness

Mafalda Arnauth - Colour Green

In my soul to give all
Never again will I come to Oporto
Should I go there at this rate

Kelly Clarkson - How I Feel

And babies everywhere I look
Trophy wives with their little black books
At this rate I'm gonna end up alone
It's probably all my fault, all my fault

Grup Vitamin - Conversation Worry

What has the world come to, dude?
I mean the air pollution, ozon and stuff
At this rate in a few years
Don't go out without a gasmask, bro

Mafalda Arnauth - Green Ink

In my soul giving giving
I'll never reach Port
If I go at this rate

2AM - Like Crazy

My tears are falling like crazy,
at this rate, I really
what is going to happen?


The more I feel like a sinner

At this rate,
I think I’ll end up alone again today


[Jucy] The bigger my heart grows,
The faster my batteries and pocket money disappear
I might get kicked out at this rate,
I can’t handle it but I still like it

jjcc - At First Everything Is Like This

it will disappear

At this rate, something bad is going to happen
I can't control myself

Wonder Girls - Oppa

Our love is stronger than this

At this rate, I might become a monk
I might go to the temple

Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot

Without any whiskey or rum
At this rate, something might happen today

2PM - Today marks the 1st day

(Oh girl) I’ll tell you honestly
(Oh girl) I think I’ll go crazy at this rate
(Oh girl) You’re like the morning sun

Mummy-D - okay!

Sorry, just wait a moment
It's not like I mean to be insuring this
Oh shit, at this rate
It's already... maybe...

Lee Hyori - Verrückt

After losing you, I’m going crazy, only mending the barn^
Come back to me baby, at this rate, I won’t ever love again
The scars, the scars remaining in me are so painful, baby

Sunny Hill - 3-OUT

You always play by your own rules baby
I am being hit from the back of my head, I’m getting dizzy, why is this happening
At this rate, I’ll go crazy, I’ll go insane because of you
I used to be a nice girl but now I’m becoming severe

Daddy Yankee - Grind

Bam bam, aye she likes it
bam bam, at this rate you keep outdoing yourself
bam bam, aye she asks for it

Acchi Kocchi (OST) - Over There, Over Here

Do you notice? Do you not?
It's going to stay a mystery at this rate, da da da da da da da

Elio e le Storie Tese - Sempione Park

I play my bongoes
you kick them.
At this rate
I don’t know how things will end up.

The Oral Cigarettes - Access×Antibodies

Ah, how much further does this road stretch on
At this rate will we still bloom brightly?


All night long, shake, shake, shake it up
At this rate, I’ll go crazy, dangerous (yeah)

Day6 - Say wow

I was about to go to you but I didn’t
I was about to hug you but I didn’t
At this rate,
The night’s gonna be over

Orhan Gencebay - We can't be together

I said the mountain is not the same before
The ones who should understand will understand it
I swear, at this rate
we won,t be happy in our afterlife too

Lee Hi - Up All Night

but without you my night
just feels like day
Ooh I might get sick at this rate
But mornings without you

Sakura trick - Won’t you kiss me?

I know that we're friends but my feeling for you is something more?!
At this rate, I may lose myself

Dal Shabet - FRI. SAT. SUN.

I’m gonna play by myself
Starting from Monday, it’ll all be the same
So I’ll be too sad at this rate
Without anyone knowing, different from usual, I can’t be bothered today

Cosmic Girls - I wish

I hope it’s you when I open my eyes

I’m gonna go blind at this rate
You’re dazzling, did you swallow light?

Kayoko Yoshizawa - Crybaby dugong

I hate a crybaby.

At this rate, I will never achieve anything,
because here I still have a dream that I can not give up.

Kanye West - Saint Pablo

[Kanye West:]
My wife said, I can't say no to nobody
And at this rate we gon' both die broke
Got friends that ask me for money knowing I'm in debt

Seventeen - Trauma

I waited without much thought
But now I realize
At this rate, I’ll be all alone

Be More Chill (Musical) - More than Survive

If my nuts were any smaller
They would be totally gone
If I continue at thIs rate
The only thing I'll ever date

Vocaloid - Posi Posi

The doctor said
We were out of the woods, but at this rate Mom only has three months left
Modern medicine can't do any more for her. Spend these last 3 months without regrets, he said...

D'erlanger - Dancin'g with Lilly

At this rate, killed in the seductive night when a petal falls
At this rate, to the end of time the moment
At this rate, until the end of time and in this moment my eyes are open dancin'g with Lilly

Vocaloid - Romeo And Cinderella

Cinderella had lied too much
She was eaten by a wolf
What should I do? If I stay at this rate
I will end up in here like she ever did

CLC - What Planet Are You From?

I’m dizzy, my head’s spinning
I really might get into trouble at this rate
How could you not know my heart?

CLC - Curious | Like

Even I think I look like a patient
Messenger, SNS, I like you, what do I do?
I’ll get in big trouble at this rate
It’ll become pie in the sky

Ghost Town - Loner

While you're at clubs getting pissed

If you keep going at this rate
You'll probably waste away

YG - #Grindmode

She look like a centerfold and she lick me like a envelope
I'm in control, in the game, in my zone, on any stage
And at this rate how I'm getting paid, I could be a millionaire any day
More money, more problems

Erkin Koray - Our love will end

you didn't make me smile..didn't cheer me up either
wish I had died instead of loving you
our love will end at this rate
I'm all's your fault

123Lunatic - Bowser vs Ganondorf - Epic Pixel Battle #5

Sorry chum, but your princess is in another castle.
But hey, You look better then ever.
At this rate you might be stylish, in over a century!

The Little Mermaid (OST) - The Little Mermaid [English 1998 Trailer]

At this rate, he'll be kissing her by sunset. It's time Ursula took matters into her own tentacles.

Cider Girl - Bedroom and Sheep

Let's escape this city and dance
From this city where even the sheep slumber silently
At this rate we won't make it to the other side of the night
I'll show you I can make it through even this sleepless night

Nótár Mary - Sad Brothers

The eyes and mouth of the good man
Take me into the outrage
Who wants my life at this rate, my life.
Dear sad brothers

Say Anything - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

I laughed myself to sleep

At this rate, I'll be heading for electric chairs
I'm only human with my cross to bear

Detective Conan (OST) - Lie, Lie, Lie,

Like a star of the silver screen

Yes, at this rate in this fictitious world
If I were to solve the mystery, then I would lose my reason to chase after you

REOL - Mirage

If you conceal this flower, no one will know
At this rate I'll be swallowed

December - Don't Go

Your image flickers before my eyes,
my tears block my vision
I think I’ll go crazy at this rate

GOT7 - Tic Tic Tok

You got me good I feel real good, at the first sight
Right now in this room, everything seems to have stopped
At this rate, with you there is no time to be bored, keep going
I'll engrave myself in you Girl you're my diamond

Kaori Sadobara - To Be Continued...?

Even the last boss has been tired of waiting!

YES! at this rate
Oh, YES! I don't want to end up

Eiko Shimamiya - Around the mind

We shall go through the coming hardship​s
At this rate without us separating my overflowing tears shall become my nourishment
I must not stop

Taemin - Pinocchio

The sincerity
hidden more deeply
At this rate,
I think my real self is going to disappear

duca - 0 ~zero~

I want to skip over the merry looking street lights and go anywhere else

At this rate if I were to completely erase everything I won't need any regrets or my past
If I were to once again turn back to zero I won't have any other wish

Mami Kawada - Not Fill

If in escaping the fickleness my I will be able to reach it
I will search for it I will pursue it...will I keep on living?
At this rate people will probably never be satisfied
and wander about the road unable to sleep

Ladies' Code - So wonderful

Your charm overflows wherever you go
I still can’t forget you,
I’m going crazy, I’ll go crazy at this rate

Airi Suzuki - "Late Summer Greetings"

One week just flies by, doesn't it
At this rate, the summer too will pass

Mami Kawada - precious

The shadows that grow behind us become one
At this rate even my painfulness that is about to end will be swallowed up

Madness - Cardiac Arrest

It's not a game they play.

He'll never get there at this rate
He's caught up in a jam.

Mami Kawada - you give…

If I will head towards that high place with both my hands spread
at this rate my body will go up through the clouds
When you hang down your head the strength that budded

JJ Project - Before This Song Ends

Oh because of her, it’s so dazzling,
My body is sore from wanting to go to her
At this rate, I think I’m going to go crazy, I need her