Please translate Hatefuck



I should have left you
The moment I saw that stupid smile
I'm deluded to stay, dress rolled up by my waist
But you had me at goodbye
We have got nothing in common
Except all our problems and pain
And I hate all your friends and the knife that you twist
When you say you always win

I hate you every time I fuck you
But I close the door
'Cause I’m young and insecure
I loved you, what am I supposed to do?
It's all we're good for
While we're young and insecure

I don't even know you
You don't know me when I'm not high
Boy, you’re only as good as the hole in my skirt
And the bruises on my thigh
Walking in circles 'til I wear out my living room rug
Carpet burns on my elbows
The marks on your neck
They're the trophies of our love


Will you love me tomorrow?
When I'm screaming down your hall
And it's past 3 am and you're with her again
And I'm punching through your door
'Cause you never listen
And I never learn
So blow out your matches
There's no point in candles if our fire never burns