Ricordami [Remember Me] (traducción al Inglés)


Ricordami [Remember Me]

Ripensa a me
Non dimenticarlo mai
Dovunque tu sarai
Lo sai che devi fare se
Non sono insieme a te
Ascolta la canzone e tu
Sarai vicino a me
Ora devo andare via
Ripensa a me
Sentendo questa melodia
Uniremo con le note il cuore e le anime
Il tuo amore rimarrà sempre per me
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Remember me

Think back on me
Don’t you ever forget it
Remember me
Wherever you are
You know what you need to do if
I’m not there with you
Listen to the song and you
Shall be by my side
Remember me
Now I have to go
Think back on me
Hearing this melody
We can join our hearts and souls through notes
Your love shall forever abide for me
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