Ride On Seaside (traducción al Inglés)

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Ride On Seaside

いつもの街並 走りに抜けるよ
ゲートを越えれば 見えるよ潮風
Ride On Seaside
浮かぶ Shore-Line
Ride On Seaside
Speed Up
弾む Melody きっと風は今日も
海辺走る 君への想い
白くくずれる 波間に揺れてる
夏の夕暮れ 緩やかな時さ
Ride On Seaside
誘う Sea Breeze
Ride On Seaside
揺れる Shore-Line
僕は夏の匂い ひとり占めさ
Ride On Seaside
Speed Up
弾む Melody きっと風は今日も
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I want to thank Mr @floomie for providing me the correct lyrics and Mr @iRu_aRu for translating the song....Arigato

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Ride on Seaside

Taking my favorite rhythm with me,
The usual skyline fades out of existence,
Across the cobalt blue sky
Passing through the exit gate,1 I can see the salty sea breeze
Ride on seaside
Floating on the shore-line
My memories of our usual beach,
Is lighting up
Ride on seaside
Speed up
A feel-good melody, Again today the wind will surely,
Blow south
Running along the beach, toward the memories of you
The crashing of white, disappears between the waves
The summer nights, the simpler times
The remnants of dusk, covering up what's left of us two
Ride on seaside
Bringing the sea breeze
Being like this forever
I want to feel your selfishness today
Ride on seaside
The rolling shore-line
Being together with you
My loneliness hidden by the summer smells
Ride on seaside
Speed up
A feel-good melody, Again today the wind will surely,
Blow south
  • 1. Of a train/subway station
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