If You Love Me (如果你愛我) (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Eve Ai (艾怡良)
  • Canción: If You Love Me (如果你愛我)
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If You Love Me (如果你愛我)

如果你愛我 不要放開手
如果你還愛著我 我怎麼會放開手
怎麼沒提醒 痛的難以形容
我沒有想過有那麼一天 你竟然離開我
I love you and I miss you
原來愛過 是真的會心痛
I love you and I miss you
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If you love me

If you love me, don't let go your hand
If this is not supposition
If you still loved me, how would I let go my hand
Why you didn't remind me, it hurt beyond description
I had never thought that there was such a day you left me unexpectedly
I did't have that kind of humor to digest the heartache
I love you and I miss you
Those who had ever loved all said there was no right or wrong in the end
Who made those who left cry and say that they didn't want to understand anymore.
It turned out that it really hurt after having loved
I love you and I miss you
(I) blurred things which should be forgotten as much as possible
(I) no more maintained the remain dignity
(I) knew how much it hurt after haveing loved
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I translated it just for fun. However, don't take it without credit. Thank you!

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