Bushido - Schattenseiten (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Dark Sides

How I’d like to go out there and live normally again
Quite normally with people and not cause sensation
For years, quite normally hasn’t even been a doctor’s visit
Because after that, the doctor says, “sign my book please”
It’s after me at home - like a curse
I almost feel - like I’m caged
And the unbearable burden rests on my shoulders
Pictures here, pictures there, they focus on this star
They’re enamored and moonstruck; they would like to be so close to me
No privacy and no hint of understanding at all
When I’m at the hotel, they are in the corridor and plague me
I want out – but it won’t happen
How my mother would like to spend
a day out with me on a Mother’s Day
Money isn’t everything, success isn’t everything
But what should I do – I’ve wanted it so – so I do it
Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to say I feel bad
I’ll show you just the dark sides of the business
I would have never thought
That I would ever see the dark sides
It robs me of my strength
But those are just the stones on my way there
2 x
The door opens up, I step out of my Mercedes
The way I do it looks easy and it shines
Now it starts – 3000 fans wait outside
Guaranteed – today, this hot house will get blown away
When it burns, you have what you want, but it’s not enough for you
And that’s why my success is slowly becoming an embarrassment
I didn’t want that you idolize me
I can’t even go shopping without you following me.
I’m sick and tired of this
I don’t believe you’ve noticed, but yes, this fucking annoys me
Take a picture and then that’s it – please don’t break my heart
And no, I don’t want to date your sister
I’d like to just sit in the park, smoke a joint, and forget the stress
I want to get out; it’s been such a long time since I’ve been swimming
My pale skin – Doreen has already called me Dracula
If you’re wondering why smoke is coming out of my tour bus,
It’s because everything is not as merry as it seems
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