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Without You

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Paper never knows how to be without pencil as i don't know how to stay without you
Don't know why troubles're sequent, fire knows to burn us
I understand birds' reason to go away but you've no wings, how could you leave ?
My mistakes hurt me like a broken glass, did I lose you like that ?
Find me i'm lost, my scar's weak, my tongue's speechless and i'm mute
Look how ruined I am, forgot to save myself from you
Find me, i'm lost, my nights and mornings're mixed, i'm smashed
Don't think that i'm drunk, just everything has fallen down inside of me and i'm pretty empty
I'm pretty empty without you
Day never knows how to be sated with the sun as i don't know how to look at you
I let night make me asleep even if i don't like to dream without you
I understand thorns but you had flowers, how could you fade away ?
You became my storm, i'm ruined, did I lose you like that ?
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Sensiz Ben

diken0diken0    Dom, 28/05/2017 - 20:39

IMHO, izim silinmiş = my traces have been erased