Sleipnir (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Skálmöld
  • Canción: Sleipnir
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traducción al InglésInglés


Our rapid steed is a stately1 horse,
he has run out of Asgard.
His gleaming white mane is a shining waterfall,
he gallops with anger.
The eight-legged steed rushes around the world,
he raises his almighty head.
A soldier quickly rides up hills,
and heaths, well-prepared.
And he shall bear me on his back,
we are carried over roads where no one goes.
The stallion is gentle and wild and great,
his strength brings forth hopes.
Look at him, he is gentle and calm,
he gallops over pits.
He never falls, and strikes no one,
Sleipnir is his name.
Absolutely no enemy man may mount him,
his feet are rapid.
Now we fly easily in the blue sky,
how beautiful the land is, there's a lot to see.
He willingly bears me on his back
We take Brynhildur2 where nobody goes.
Riding unsteadily, moving, carrying,
enduring, luring, hateful paths.
Waiting, trotting, spreading worship3,
crawling, trotting, galloping quickly.
Galloping quickly, trotting, crawling,
Spreading worship, trotting, waiting,
Hateful paths, luring, enduring,
carrying, moving, jolting, riding.
Riding over paths and roots every meter,
enduring well, the hateful will get better.
Waiting for canyons4 and worshipping by the fire,
Pressing on5 in my steed's saddle by night.
Galloping on the stallion and trotting around the world,
Stretching out his legs and trotting and dreaming.
Bring them wounds and lure our enemies,
carry a girl and race unsteadily across the country.
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Comentarios del autor:

This song gets quite verb-intensive at the end, and some of the verbs have multiple meanings and can also function as nouns... corrections welcome!

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