Lucas Lucco - So pra te fazer lembrar (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Just to make you remember me

It's being difficult for you too, isn't it?
With an empty heart, but always standing tall
Searching for some direction.
How many times you wrote to me but didn't actually send it,
got the phone but didn't actually call me
and broke your own heart?
And, I have a piece of bad news to give you
You won't stop feeling it so soon, waiting is simply useless.
Sometimes we seem to be ok, but then despair comes.
I try to hide myself, but I realize I thought about you the whole day.
But, will there always be a date, a word, a look, a movie, a song, to make you remember me.
A perfume, a hug, a smile just to mess you up
Just to make you remember me.
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So pra te fazer lembrar

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