So wie jetzt (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Like now

I heard 1000 times
We can become what we want
We are all special
But our glasses are never full
We are always looking for the hair
In the soup of our life
And when we found it
We just want to talk about it
When do we start to live?
Like now, like now
It will never be like this again
Just live today
Finally get yourself on the life
And you can plan every step in advance
In the end, you'll be back with you anyway
Like now, like now
Can you quarrel with everything or you live now
Not like everyone else
The same thing lifelong
Patience is a foreign word for us
That I can google later
We are individualists
And boost us up at Tinder
From one job to the next
If it gets difficult, I have to go
When do we start to fight
It has never been easier, it has never been so easy
And only with lamentation, we can't get any further
And your head screams, let's get on
Although your heart was far from that yet
Stop for a moment, look around
Because you give all things around your own meaning
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So wie jetzt

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