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I only think about you

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She was born
in a cold hospital room.
When she saw the light
her forehead shattered like glass.
Because she slipped from her father´s fingers
like a slippery fish.
She turned 26 just a month ago.
I only think about you.
Hey, I only think about you.
Together, holding hands
they can be seen around the garden.
No one else in the world
could be so happy.
Hey, I only think about you.
He was born on his feet
brought into this world wrapped in cotton wool.
His father thought
that it must surely be punishment from the Lord.
He looked for a place
to forget him
and he commited him to the institution when he was still a child.
Soon he will turn 33,
I only think about you.
In the dining room
they sit apart at lunch.
If they stare fixedly at each other
a thousand ants run over their feet.
She presents him with some flower
and he draws for her, on a piece of paper
somthing that looks like a heart.
I only think about you.
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The song is inspired by two actual patients at a mentally challenged persons ward the songwriter visited. As of today, both characters- never mentioned by name for privacy reasons- are married and fathers of a child on his college years.


Solo pienso en ti

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Vimto12    Jue, 14/02/2013 - 19:55

Nice translation Regular smile some suggestions:

verse 3, line 3: around/in the garden

verse 4, line 1: nacer de pie -> to be born lucky/to be born under a lucky star
line 2: typo -> brought, also 'wrapped in cotton wool' would be a more accurate translation
line 3: typo -> father

verse 5, line 3: maybe 'sent/commited him to a mental institution'? the meaning is not clear with 'sent him over'

verse 6, line 1: In the canteen/dining room (mess hall refers to a military dining area)
line 3: typo

verse 7, line 2: he draws for her?

mario.rodriguezgonzalez.9    Jue, 14/02/2013 - 20:07

Verse 3, line 3: Corrected, thanks.

Verse 4, line 1: I actually think it refers that he was given birth from a standing position, probably on pauper conditions, or due to a difficult childbirth, and also marking a contrast with the girl, who was dropped head first at birth.

Line 2: cirrected, thanks.
Line 3: ditto.

Verse 5, line 3: an institution, the lyrics don't specify, neither do I Wink smile

Verse 6, line 1: Ack. Too much translating military-styled text. Corrected.
Line 3: Corrected.

Verrse 7, line 2: makes the verse a tad long, but what the hell...

Vimto12    Jue, 14/02/2013 - 20:11

ok, but 'nacer de pie' can mean 'to be born lucky' right?

also it's 'in the dining room'

mario.rodriguezgonzalez.9    Jue, 14/02/2013 - 20:37

Yes, either lucky or exceptionally well formed and ready (by analogy with animals, that are often able to walk shortly after birth)

Vimto12    Jue, 14/02/2013 - 21:08

thanks for the confirmation Regular smile

also 'room' has a random 'l' on the end of it