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I don't have Spike Lee's looks
I don't have De Vinci's genius
I don't have my feet on the ground
I don't have the patience of my banker
I don't have those things.
I don't have Ghandi's wisdom
Nor the Mohammad Ali's confidence
I don't have a gangster's spirit
The goodness of Abbé Pierre
Nor the Guevara's aura
I'm only a soulman
Listen here, baby.
I'm not a superman
Far from it
Just me, my delusions
I don't have anything else to offer
But I already knew that was true
I don't have a body like in magazines
I don't have the humor of Charlie Chaplain
I don't have the innate knowlegde
The know-how of Bocuse
No, I don't have those things.
I don't have Neil Armstrong's luck
I'm not built like King Kong
Having more strings on my fiddle
The Rosa Park's fervor
Nor Mandela's courage.
(chorus x2)
I would have liked to be like them
To be extraordinary.
I tried hard
I did my best
But no matter what I do
In the end
(chorus x2)
No, no, no, no
Only me,
My delusions
But I already knew that was true
Publicado por Cavin el Lun, 04/07/2011 - 01:37
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I can't quite understand what he means by "Mais je sais qu'en vrai c'est déjà ça," but "I know it's already that," sounds very bad to me (as a native English speaker).



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maëlstrom    Lun, 04/07/2011 - 03:11

That sentence is unclear to me, too. I understand it like this:
C'est déjà ça = c'est mieux que rien = it's better than nothing
en vrai = en réalité, en fait = in fact, actually
"It's actually better than nothing." That sounds a bit odd however, whether in English or in French..

As for délire, it doesn't mean delusion. It's slang and pretty hard to define. Basically it's the activities done by a person, implying they're silly. L'oncle Soul's délires are music and what he does in his private life.