Elitni Odredi - Sto te volim (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Why I love you

And he waited everyday, just for her,
Only wanted her, to please her.
She only loved herself.
She didn't waste time for him to kiss her once.
Poisonous thoughts, of her's drove
Me to pain,
But everything turns around
Now she wants some new day,
New chance for a better dream.
She calls him everyday, begs him,
And in the city, says she loves him.
The fact that I love you doesn't matter.
The fact that I love you doesn't matter anymore.
Get away from me, get away from me.
Little girl, get away from me now!
Chorus 2x:
The fact that I love you, and that it hurts,
Doesn't matter I swear to God.
Forget me.
Days have passed since you disappeared,
Days have passed,
Days have passed,*
But you aren't unimportant to me, you aren't alone, you dream of another guy.**
They say you're someone's.
You knew that, for us, I gave my life, MY ONLY ONE!***
You didn't dream dreams about us, I know that.
What you did, for days caused me pain,
I knew that, and I knew that.
But what could I have done, what could I have done?
Chorus 2x:
The fact that I love you, and that it hurts,
Doesn't matter I swear to God.
Forget me.
You were everything to me,
I still love you like before,
You killed your heart out of negligence.
Why you lied, I don't understand even today,
O how love that didn't end hurts!
If you hid a lie to save me,
I curse the day I met with your lips.
A mark on my heart, only desert remains,
O my best, you took my life away from me.
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Comentarios del autor:

* Ima dana literally translates to: there are days; there are lots of days since you disappeared... but days have passed sounds better Regular smile
**drugog sanjas literally translates to: of another on you dream (that other one being male)
*** My only one referring to the girl not the life


Sto te volim

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ademontis    Sáb, 07/12/2013 - 11:09

I have found that the first line is "Mala pali sad' but i am not sure how to translate it: little city light? little guiding light?

ademontis    Mar, 05/12/2017 - 07:13

I think i have solved the problem, one friend of mine from Sopot told me "Mala, pali sad!" means something like "Little girl, go away now" using 'pali' as an imperative meaning 'burn!'. Anyone can confirm?