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This combo hits the stereos like asteroids,
impacts in Finnish hiphop like anabolic steroids
Leaves traces in your eardrums, we rise in the spotlights
international cooperation we bring along
Hiphop isn't restricted to nationality or language
for once Finland and Sweden are collaborating in something together
Don't even think getting in this team's way
these are the guys, whose names
you better remember
Sensation when gang hears this collaboration
mcs gasping for air, like having hyperventilation
Destination is to rise like obligation
motivation, streets are my inspiration
Will be born gold, analogical or digital
the attitude is radical, will build up capital
Hiphop's hardness is like forbidden chemical
and in Scandinavia they will print remarkable words in discs
Over borderlines we will form a link
from Stockholm to Helsinki, such like Silja line and Viikinki1
It is getting top ranking in record chart, no need for match 2
Petter, PeeWee, Fintelligens, best get used to obeying
Leaders of the capitals, commanders can conclude
Funds are the goal, like the dot above i3
Like fists in pear ball
the rhymes will end up in your skull
Two heads are better than one 4
and let's bring hiphop in to light
Eyo , vi maxar , Axar , yxar dom som kaxar ,
flaksar , and bang we invest 100%
Fintelligens, Natural bond, Petter and PeeWee,
Elastinen, Big H, Stockholm to Helsinki.
Stockholms lägenderna från Sverige till Finland.
what, what? Släng upp händerna.
Chorus x2
Let's combine forces
raise Finland on the map
and then we get real heads
noice under the t-centralen's clock
From Globen to Hartwall stadium
on any stage
from Helsinki (stadi) to Stockholm
like you would go cruising to Sweden
Natural Bond and Rähinä
we will bring exceptions to rules
not just talk
we will put speak into practice
The Scandinavians will stick together
hiphop combines
Crank up the sound in your stereos
Enjoy the words and the rhythm
Dropping evidence that
hiphop is global
we are already on the job
no need for new election
From basements to charts
brutal wording
And gold in my award
is totally not painted on
This mc-elite is digged by every listener
both sides of the bay, such as Sonera and Telia5
Rap is normal, skills are paranormal
if you get on our way, it will be fatal
Chorus x2
  • 1. Viking
  • 2. Spesific word for game or contest between two national teams, aka Finland and Sweden in this case.
  • 3. Aka it fits like a glove, it is spot on.
  • 4. Literally: to hit wise heads together.
  • 5. They were cellphone connection companies, Sonera in Finland, Telia in Sweden. There is also sea/bay between Finland and Sweden.
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If someone can translate the Swedish in this, I would be happy to add it (and give credits). I am not good enough in Swedish to do that.



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