João Neto e Frederico - Tá combinado (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

It's a deal

There's yet no one in this world
That would catch me and make me change the way I am.
You'd better get used to it, this is how I love
Because I'm addicted skirt chaser
It's no use frowning or putting an angry face at me.
Come on, I belong to no one.
And don't think I'm going to hear you
Because it would be stupid to renounce a harem
If you think that I'm not going out anymore
That sitting at home is my dilema
Then you're nuts, you don't know anything,
You have no authority for it
It's a deal,
It's going to be a blast
It's a deal,
I'm going out with my friends right away
The revel is going to happen
It's none of your business
If you happen to miss me,
it's your problem, not mine
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Tá combinado

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