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Our Farthing

Let us pray now:
Our Farthing who art in heaven
Hallowed be the numbers
Thy prosperty come.
Thy will be done
At the stock exchanges as it is on the markets
Buy us today our daily bread
And calculate our debts for us
As we track those who are indebted to us
And do not only lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from all doubts
For Thine is the wealth
The power and the horniness
Forever and ever
Do you believe in money? (…yes....)
Do you believe in money? (…yes, yes...)
Do you believe in money? (…yes! yes!...)
Do you believe in money? (YES! YES!YES!...)
Money makes me wanna fuck!
It makes me wanna fuck!
Money makes me wanna fuck!
It makes me wanna fuck all the time! (fuck all the time)
Fuck! Money makes me wanna fuck!
Money makes me wanna fuck!
Makes me wanna fuck the whole wide world
Welcome to Moneyland, where everything sparkles
Here are reigning Pound, Euro, Dollar, Yen
Time is money, so: yallah, yallah, run
Because every damn cent counts!
Here they stream to the service in the cathedrals of the staple-goods
To commit small sins, to pay with plastic
Busses, trolleys, obedient sheep in herds
Like old ladies on promotional trips
Towers of banks: penises of glas and steel
Symbolizing the potency of the capital
Here the managers are sitting in ostentatious meeting rooms
Together like at the last supper
They are following the money, like pilgrims follow the comet
Preaching the highest Commandment 1 like prophets
The richest of the rich, that are converting the earth
The one percent in four door limousines 2
The world religion from America to Europe
Gold-rush-angels are singing "Heureka!"
Say the "Our Farthing", make your dreams come true
Renounce the debts and become a believer/debt holder 3
(Money makes me wanna fuck)
  • 1. the lyrics are full of german the word for Commandment and bid is the same!
  • 2. another pun: Mehrtürer (Auto) is a car with more than 2 doors...and it sounds like "martyr"
  • 3. pun: Gläubiger can be a worshipper or a debt holder!
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