Calle 13 - Tango Del Pecado (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Tango of Sin

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Three somersaults
And flap! You have fallen into the hole,
All you vulgar people let's dance on top of volcanic lava
Turn up the volume to satanic music! (x2)
Let's burn in the fire with the devil;
Residente, the maximum exhibitor of sin.
Hey princess, your foulmouthed prince has arrived,
The rowdy better put on a bib,
Mount on my sailboat,
And let's insult the whole world.
I can't do the whole gentleman thing,
And thus, people don't understand,
That my desire for you never expires.
Come on; let's go on a tour,
Let's go flying like 30,000 ft. high,
Let's hatch 20 little creatures,
I promise to give you a hundred adventures,
The biggest happiness to your waist, bend over and show me your teeth
Watch out! the seam of your pants will rip,
Those two buttocks full of muscle
Are coming out of their wraps,
And it gets me in a state,
To grope this chick you have to have a manual,
Tell your ma to let go of your umbilical cord,
So we can roll around in the sugar cane fields.
Directly from hell!
Make way, here comes the groom,
Your dad looks squarer than a notebook,
And he doesn't understand my modern language.
Move, here comes the barbarian from Trujillo,
Woman, you fit me like a ring on a finger,
Come, move into my castle, and every day I'll make you steak.
I want to see all you crickets moving your bottoms,
From Boqueron to Loquillo,
Hey, little girl, if i gross you out,
Residente will take off your brakes.
"You are the daughter of the Devil!
you are dishonoring your patrimony!"
"Better off with a Don Juan or a Juan Antonio!"
Well, you're all screwed cause i'm going straight to Matrimony!
There in hell where you party,
Where people speak badly and are full of flavor,
My words I divide into juicy prose,
to make your armpits greasy.
The spider that damages language is here!
The Royal Academy I leave to Spain*,
So I'm sorry if I get perverse,
But you have me here spitting out verse,
The master of the universe, marking territory!
The party is on in the purgatory!
Let’s move those tails and those horns, and let's leave eternal rest for later on.
(chorus x2)
I feel a pain deep within my heart,
If loving you is a sin,
I'll burn, then, in hell with you.
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"Bend over and show me your teeth” …think about it. Tongue smile
Loqueron and Boquillo are places in Puerto Rico.
The Real Academia de Espana (Royal Academy of Spain) is the entity that regulates Spanish language. They decide what words to include in "official" Spanish. French has one as well, I think.
"Vos" is used instead of "tu" in the last line, because tango is Argentinian, and so is the woman singing. Argentines use vos instead of tu.
There is a wiki explaining the context of this song, the video is great as well, I recommend it!


Tango Del Pecado

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