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Waltz time

Waltz time is like going back in time
Where, doing the things we usually do
Is to start all over again
Where the world stops and looks at you, spinning
It's a time to love
Waltz time is a time to feel
And to say things without speaking
And to hear without listening to
The silence in the air
That is broken by a violin
It's a time to live
Kiss me in waltz time
One, two, three
One, two, three
Without ceasing dancing
Make this waltz time
One, two, three
One, two, three
Never ending
Waltz time is a time to travel
Over the sun, under the sea
Without knowing whether I'm leading
Or whether I am getting carried away
It's a time for truth
Waltz time is a time to embrace
The passion you hold dear and to make it spin
And raise violently, like a hurricane
It's time passing in a spiral fashion
(Chorus x3)
Waltz time is the time we both use
To draw a love story
With three dance steeps
Over the floor of an old ball room
It's time and finally
It's my time for you
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Tiempo de vals

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