time will tell

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Idiomatic translations of "time will tell"

kommt Zeit, kommt Rat
etwas überschlafen
Hər gecənin bir sabahı var
Ráno je múdrejšie večera
Consultar con la almohada
con el tiempo maduran las uvas
Aamu on iltaa viisaampi
La nuit porte conseil.
ο χρόνος γιατρεύει τα πάντα
रात की नीयत हराम ।
The night brings counsel
The best advise is found on the pillow
An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening
la notte porta consiglio
col tempo e con la paglia, maturano le nespole
Батар күннің атар таңы бар
Таңның ісі тәңірдің қолында
Noc przynosi radę.
A noite é boa conselheira
Утро вечера мудренее
Лучший лекарь - время
Starije je jutro od večeri.
bazi seyler zamanla olgunlasir
Ранок покаже
Час залікує всі рани

Meanings of "time will tell"


the answer will come with time

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Cevap zamanla gelecek, zamanla neticelenecek.

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"time will tell" en letras

NCT Dream - dear dream

there's still some apologies and regret
i can't get used to my days and nights, i feel longing
yeah i know, i hope time will tell
you know, keep walking and following the light

PNL - Misery is so beautiful

I let them believe that they know all of this
If they knew what it meant, what it implied[fn]PNL is probably the most popular rap act right now in the French speaking world. While their fanbase more or less ranges from teenagers to young adults, it is undeniable that their music transcends social classes. However, the two brothers themselves are from a working-class background, they lived all their lives in projects and with the lifestyle that it implies (poverty, criminality, lack of opportunities, exposure to drugs/addiction...). They want to make it clear that they're aware that a substantial portion of their listeners can only pretend to relate to what they're rapping about.[/fn]
But oh well, as they say, time will tell

Hakim (Egypt) - The sweetness of spirit

They got rid of me

Tomorrow time will tell,
Who’s ruthless and who’s loving.

Vescan - What will be, will be

How we dreamed when we were just kids
What will be, will be, there's no way for you to know, whoever you may be
Surely time will tell us one day . . .

Gloria Estefan - with the years that remain for me

I will love you until I die
How to prove that I am not who I used to be
time will tell you, if you have faith in me
that how I loved you

RIDSA - We missed each other

You constantly watch me but watch your potos
Too bad, we will forget ourselves
Time will tell if we did well
And if I lie sometimes, if I pretend

DaniLeigh - Be Yourself

This my life, I'ma live it, yeah
Times I thought I failed, made a way, I did it, yeah
Only time will tell, just keep faith, stay with it

Hamilton (musical) - You'll Be Back

You’ll remember you belong to me.
You’ll be back.
Time will tell.
You’ll remember that I served you well.

Philipp Dittberner - In your little world

I have an idea, I'll stay simply to visit.
And we'll see, what time will tell us.
Maybe she'll smile for a day, or perhaps an entire year,

A-Mei - Remember

Deep inside, we know for sure
That one day, one day, it will all end
Time will tell the truth
However, I'm scared

Annie Leblanc - Ordinary girl

keep your eyes up ahead and don't look back at what you've been
if you keep going time will tell u when its right
your philosophy

Gary Moore - One Day

I know the sadness in your eyes
Your life is like a wishing well
Where it goes, only time will tell

Timati - Generation

but we're both dads, plus we both matured a long time ago
and our generation watches people like us closely
you can think what you want, but i'm sure time will tell
and even if it's not today, one day you'll get older

Gloria Estefan - In the Years That Are Left Me

To prove the girl who left you isn’t me
Time will tell you of the faith you need to see
How much I love you

Toulouse - No Running From Me

Now you're free and well
Just giving a while
Time will tell
You're under my spell, oh

Ron MacCloskey - Big Bad Don - The Ballad Of Donald Trump

Well he came out a winner. Went up in the polls.
People loved this guy: the young and the old.
Will he stay on top? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, he’s gonna raise some hell. Big Don

Mikis Theodorakis - There are two, there are three(of us)

You hurt, I hurt
but who hurts the most
time will tell.

Nek - Unique

Times at least
Possibilities are under your pillow
But the time will tell you that
The first remains lonely.

Nana (rapper) - Remember the Time

brainstorm' I bring the vibes shut your mouth better listen
fighting everyday still don't know the definition
time is money and time will tell
sunshine in heaven or grill in hell

The Weeknd - Angel

But I know what I am and the life I live, yeah, the life I live
And even though I sin, we are born to live
But I know time will tell if we're meant for this, yeah if we're meant for this