To'kilib (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


Spilling spilling spilling
Into your hands like dew
My love rages constantly
In my heart every moment
Spilling spilling spilling
On your paths like the rain
My heart is beating
From awareness that you are there
You, you
Why can't you feel what is there in my heart
My love is hidden in my soul
But you can't tell
Slowly, slowly
Your glance filled with fire kills my heart slowly
Let me be your heart,
Let me be your only one
You you
Nights, you come up
and awaken me like my sun
You caress me by touching my face with your rays
You burn in my eyes!
Slowly, slowly
Like the wind
Caressing my hair
Let me be your heart
Let me be your only one!
Mukaddas Dedahanova
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