Mohsen Namjoo - Toranj ترنج (traducción al Inglés)

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“Where do you come from”, they questioned, “that you seem so disturbed”?
“A stranger from the city of the acquainted”, I replied
“What is on your mind”, they questioned, “to make you lose your mind”?
“Begging your love”, I replied, “tis the only thing on my mind”
“What breed of bird are you”, they questioned, “that such a melody you sing”?
“A cheerful tone from the garden of the forlorn”, I replied
“Get drunk”, they urged, “so that you may from all be free”!
“With wine indeed”, I replied, “with wine I fond my salvation from me”
“You’d not be worth a whit tho”, they cautioned, “if you’d seek abstinence or repentance”
“I’ve repented of abstinence and piety”, I replied
“How do you hold our art of allure”, they questioned?
“Like a deluge of flowers in the banquet of coquetry”, I replied
“I am the Bergamot Orange”, they said, “which befits not this world”
“Even better art thou”, I replied, “yet unattainable”
“Why then so little of your sweet amour”, they questioned?
“Intoxicated with love”, I replied, “that is why”
“What does Khwaju see in our eyes”, they questioned?
“The tale of the drunken is a divine enigma”, I replied!
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Toranj ترنج

shahram1900    Jue, 10/05/2012 - 00:44

Although I like Mohsen Namjoo's innovative style in bringing the West and the East together, but I am not a fan of Sophism or Religious/Spiritual conception of the world, and my main reason to translate this poem was to pay tribute to Khawju Kermani who spoke of the duplicity and deception of the so-called "men of god" over 800 years ago.