Tout l'monde s'en fout (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Nobody cares

I took the emergency line, no time for waiting in line
Yeah, I'm badly surrounded, drunk as half of my city
We can't forget DNA, can't forget bullets
Devil wears Prada or whatever else, I don't give a fuck
Yesterday forgot everything, tomorrow talks bad
Nobody likes me, so I'll go on alone
No one will ever get you, don't tell them how much you hurt
Don't forget the most important, in the end nobody cares
Grew up under a pirate flag, I went with the wind
Yes, my blood flowed and I shed some too
There's always commotion, always noise even when it's calm
Some rumors have it and others make you start the engine, Fianso
I know too many weird people, this is why my health deviates
I would already be in the cemetery if I was to make things up
You stole to eat, you killed, you sold heroin
Everybody know, no God only, bro
I told them :"I'll get my revenge", no one believed me obviously
I try to kill some time and also not to get killed
Seeing the looks change, I thought it was the epilog
I didn't count in years, but rather in episodes
I picture myself running after my nights until my last day
I've been disoriented for long, my ceiling's turning
May God prevent me from having the throne, being boss or chief
Afraid of my brothers or else, Jesus Mary Youssef
No one likes me so I'll go on without us
Where does the map leads, alone to count my treasure
Never open your heart if the rest of the world doesn't care
They drink to life, we drink to death, Fianso.
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Tout l'monde s'en fout

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