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Albania // United States


Student and artist

Artistic texts/literary translations, Translations of contracts and documents

A child of Albania & America -- Please press "Thank you" if one of my translations helped you! :)


Anything to do with my lovely countries, Albania and the United States and anything involving my beautiful part of Europe, the Balkans. Also, politics, futbol/football (soccer), Eurovision, Eurobeat, 20th century US history, jazz music, Ronald Reagan movies/filmography, vintage things such as pop art comics, (20th century exclusive; I'm not a big fan of Victorian or colonial things. It's interesting to study the history of those times, but the aesthetic of early 1900s to 2000 is more interesting to me. I'm a sucker for the 1950s-1960s, though. The time we live in is a very fascinating time, but I'm not really hyped about it. Maybe the next generation will be, haha.), the Kennedy brothers, and anything else included in "About Me."

Sobre mí

☺G E N E R A L
•Proud to be Albanian-American; currently residing in the United States, but from the Northwest of Albania in origin. Might reside in Germany in the future, but there are high chances that I might stay in the United States and not move at all. I really would love to live in California or a New England state such as Massachusetts or Maryland. California seems gorgeous, but New England by itself seems very cozy. I'm a natural born citizen of America, but I am also registered in Albania. I'm considering signing up for German citizenship, as I feel a sense of home towards Germany and German culture. (though I know I have no German blood) Plus, I'm learning German; I am currently part of the German Honors Society in my state. I love and support both of my countries, as well as defend them and will do so till the day I die, because if you can't be proud of who you are, the world will not know who you were.
•High school student; I've always been told to value my education, as knowledge is the ultimate weapon in life. Truly, I believe that if you really want something and you work hard for it, you will end up winning. Simply, hard work pays off.
•Digital and traditional artist; I used to work on commissions, but I currently don't.
•Poet/author. (I might publish my poems here; I work on stories by myself, but they're not published anywhere in real life or online–just my notebooks/journals)
•Musician/instrumentalist/marching and concert band member. (pianist, flautist/flutist, tenor saxophonist, and sometimes vocalist; I want to be a voice provider for a Vocaloid character one day and produce my own music in the process. I eventually want to learn the guitar and violin. Also, possibly piccolo, since I hear it's really similar to flute.) At the moment, I'm in love with my tenor and can't wait to officially be considered a player of it for marching band and hopefully jazz band, as well as wind ensemble.
•I have worked for Google Translate before. Currently, I do not. I haven't worked there in quite a while and honestly, I haven't thought of making a comeback.
•Likes: anime, manga, memes, history, politics, culture, languages, the arts (music, photography, etc.), literature, marching and jazz band, football/soccer, volleyball, the Olympics, Eurovision, traveling, historical fiction films or just any type of film in general, etc. (mostly ones staring Ronald Reagan; he had a sweetheart look and vibe to him) I truly love 20th century American politics and there is a special place in my heart for Jack, Bobby, Teddy, Joe (the big brother to the Kennedy bros), and the Kennedys in general. I hope one day to be a successful politician and have a family that's quite similar to their's. That's my American Dream.
•Hetalia, Yugotalia, Yuri on Ice!!, Avatar the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Love Live!, Sailor Moon, Lazytown, Tekken, Killing Stalking, etc. fan (I love Tahno so much; he's an edgelord.)
•Fan to the soccer/football teams of Albania, Germany, Italy, France, and Portugal.
•I love Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, etc. (Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Oliver Giroud, Gerard Pique, Erik Dürm, Marco Reus, Granit and Taulant Xhaka are some of my favorite players.)
•Personality type: mix of INFJ-T and ENTJ-A. (If unsure about what this means, Google it. They're two of the Myers-Briggs personality types. And yes, you can have more than one personality. It's possible to have a mix.)

♥L A N G U A G E S♪
•Native languages: Gheg Albanian and US English; In origin, I'm from the Northwest of Albania, so I speak and write in that dialect. For translations, I write in Tosk, though.
•Fluent: Gheg, Tosk, Kosovar, and Macedonian Albanian, US and UK English
•Studied: Spanish, Italian, Latin, Russian
•Currently studying: German (so far 1 year; I'm currently on my 2nd year, but I want to continue till I get a degree and become a certified language specialist. I want to be able to speak German fluently and actually speak how the natives do.)
•Sometimes studies and also understands a bit of: Norwegian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin, Polish, French, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, Latin, Dutch, Japanese, Bulgarian, etc. I'm not fluent in these languages and can only understand some things here and there. I used to study them, but due to my busy schedule, I haven't had the time to resume my language studies. Plus, I'm mostly sticking with German.
•Will eventually start studying/wants to study: Korean, Hebrew, Esperanto, Swedish, Ukranian, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Macedonian (though it seems very similar to Bulgarian; I hear lots of my Bulgarian friends call it a dialect of Bulgarian…), etc.

•I mostly do Albanian to English and English to Albanian
•I only do Albanian and English transcriptions, unless I find a request with a song with lyrics online.
•If I do find the lyrics online, credit will always be given. The link to the lyrics will be listed in the description
•I can do Russian to Transliterarion and Serbian to Transliteration and the other way around.
•I prefer not to attempt translating in the languages I've studied—I believe I'm not fluent enough to do so.

©R U L E S♪
•I only accept one way of saying "Thanks"; just pressing the button that says "Thanks!" will do.
•I don't accept ratings as a way of thank you if you don't understand the language that the song is sung in or have no experience in the languages.
•Notify me if I have made an error; I will fix it automatically, but do not give it a low rating just for an error.
•Please read my copyright notice/translations' signature.
•Please give me credit if you are going to use the lyrics translated in any way.
•Credit must be given to me if you were to publish the lyrics anywhere else. (I'd rather have you notify me first. That would be greatly appreciated.)
•My translations can be used to make other translations, but please give credit.
•If I am not given credit for my work, I WILL take action, since I hold copyright to the translated work.

Thank you for reading and happy translating! Regular smile
If you ever want to talk or need something translated (Albanian to English, English to Albanian), be it a request or just something in general, I'll be glad to help. Just check if I'm online and contact me through message or chat. I don't mind, whatever form it may be. Please take into account that when you make a request, it will take me a while to finish, as I have school, too. School is a very serious matter to me and I am very dedicated in getting somewhere with my education–it matters a lot to me, as this is my way to my future career. I hope you all understand this, but I will still be able to help you, but just realize that if I take a while to get your request finished, it's because I'm busy with school or I am preoccupied with something that has arose in my schedule. Right now, I'm almost done with school, but I'll be busy during the summer with travel and band camp, so please be patient. I appreciate getting requests and chatting with people, but as mentioned before, it may take a while.

Albanés, Inglés
Albanés, Inglés
Alemán, Italiano, Latín, Español

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