Tuga, ti i ja (traducción al Inglés)

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Sorrow, you, and I.

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Here I am, in the night, my old friend.
Again to her I will head down long, deserted streets
There where fears end,
my cheek warms her palm
on it my lips remain,
eternally I know, her breath I know.
Treat me in the nights, old friend,
In my glass pour desire that will break me
haven't I lost enough?
Who will measure pain,
to (the point of) desperation I kissed
purposely fled, so I could return.
Again the sorrow awakens (in me), the greatest sorrow
that is brought by the snow of the mountains,
the wind of the plains.
Who does her heart love now?
Say it so it hurts all the more
We're going to the bottom,
sorrow, you and I.
I greet you in the nights, old friend
and I will pass this circle, regret won't catch up to me.
What is this spring,
compared to the gentle years
her call sets me into motion,
even from the bottom it looks the same.
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Tuga, ti i ja

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