Váli (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Skálmöld
  • Canción: Váli
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The Sun came up and victory is won,
I sit by the well
with Brynhildur and wait for what comes.
Battled with three*,
because I am quite a remarkable man,
I am very happy.
How will payment be made, and who has the power?
What will the price be?
He seems like a cunning and lively soul to me.
Loki is now converting his son Váli.
A wolf wakes from his sleep.
Váli, he misses the taste of blood.
This is payment for my recovery,
Brynhildur is lost.
I would pay with my own life
in a heartbeat**
Appearing in the distance, waiting and hovering
the children of Loki.
Furious is Váli, his teeth strong,
tearing up throats.
This is the life which was dear to me.
The cry of suffering intensifies.
Entrails ripped and gouged out.
Be still, little sister.
One will be bound,
we must destroy her.
Another lies underground,
she is sent into ugly torment.
We have a third under our knees,
She shall not follow the dead.
Bleeding, we bind the maiden
Brynhildur to sharp stones.
Mercilessly she is now torn into,
she disappears in a flash and Brynhildur endures.
Wounds all gushing burning hot blood,
it seeps to the earth but she does not die.
Helpless and distant I watch.
She is all bloody, bruised, and blue.
Then she calls my name, it pierces and cuts,
she shows me her deathly-pale face.
She sees her brother crying for the last time.
My little sister, what have I done to you?
Eternal torment greets you both now,
Loki is taking care of you, Brynhildur.
Three* are beating blunt stones into your wounds.
Loki is taking care of you, Brynhildur.
Nobody shall listen to your tearful breathing,
Loki is taking care of you, Brynhildur.
Your brother has certainly sold your soul and
Loki is taking care of you, Brynhildur.
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Comentarios del autor:

*I.e three gods, the plot of the album so far being that Hilmar has battled three of Loki's children.
**More directly for these two lines, but lining up less well with the original lyrics: "I would hurry/ rush to pay with my own life"



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