Vert (traducción al Inglés)

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Green, yellow and red and blue
The sun is in my eyes
Before bidding farewell
Don't know which one of us
Who's gonna look down
I've just started to go down
Before surrendering, he's gonna show us his colours
As if he had feared something
He's been blushing somewhere else
Grey around and black from afar
The forest is joining me
Just like a magician's game
The forest is holding me
I've just started to go down
Before surrendering
Gotta invent some other colours
As if I was scared
Of finding myself somewhere else
Been forgetting you for a whole year
A year to get over you
Even madness loses its mind
But I feel like making up for it
Showing up, showing up, showing up, showing up
Finding myself in the blend
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© Pierre Couecou

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I hope it's clearer for you now ;).



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