Vurkaç (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Tuğba Yurt
  • Canción: Vurkaç 2 traducciones
  • Traducciones: Alemán, Inglés
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Surely, not!

I am torn apart, I'll have to bring things together again one by one
I was illuded, It will all pass in time, for sure
Every leaving of yours is a stroke of a whip on my back
This hit and run is the rule of the game with you, is it?
We'll surely play the game and not shy away, no worries
The horrors have become mere play-things for us
Many springtimes had passed through our chests
The memories have all by now disappeared
Did I love you to be a beloved for myself
Or, to become fire then rain on me,
Or, to be left to strangers,
Into the arms of sorrows & troubles?
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OlcayOlcay    Dom, 19/01/2020 - 22:23

Hit and run is the title of the song, surely not ist surely not the title 😊 .....the cure is in the arms of sorrows --derman derdin kollarinda