Wünsch dir was (traducción al Inglés)

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Make a wish

Intro (children's choir)
The time is coming
When wishing will help
When wishing will help (x2)
Make a wish (x3)
Bridge (children's choir) :
Make a wish (x7)
Verse 1:
So many wishes, we want too much.
Rap stars and groupies, but we don't see
that blood drips from diamond necklaces.
Sneakers or blue jeans? Made in the third world.
We don't want to give them up, even
when our conscience troubles us. More for us, less for them
Until cobblestones fly and then it rains petrol
Do you want a yacht off the coast?
Those who didn't manage to flee are struggling in the water.
Nothing comes for free, but only others pay
This state has sold itself, and betrayed us to the banks (Thanks!)
Blinded by shining lights
We've been chasing dreams since the 90s
Be careful what you wish for
Not all our wishes should be granted
Choose wisely, otherwise someone at the other end of the world will be looking into the barrel of a gun.
Refrain: Make a wish
Life is not a request show
But every life is a miracle
You have to believe it and it will come true
Think before you act, and make a wish
No, life is not a request show
But every life is a miracle
You have to believe it and it will come true
Close your eyes and make a wish
Verse 2:
I wish I had seen Woodstock,
That my teachers knew what it's like to live inside my castles in the air
I wished for a self-made deal, and I got it
Luckily, I never have to go back to McDonalds
But almost every wish has a dark side
More money, more problems, more enemies
There's always hope, but not everyone makes it
out of the favela, like Neymar
The lobbies want the people kept down
But one day we'll rise up and the boomerang will come back
This is the law, there's no other way
Every wish is followed by a consequence
And the moral of the story is:
We are greedy, and that is what destroys us
The price of our wishes is souls
They already outnumber the stars, who can count them?
Refrain: Make a wish
Bridge x2
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Wünsch dir was

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Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    Mié, 30/09/2015 - 00:03

Overall a good work.

Just a few points you didn't understand completely:

>"Im Wasser treibt, wer's nicht geschafft hat, zu flüchten" =
In the water floating are those, who didn't succeed to flee
Those who didn't succeed to fllee are floating in the water

>"Dieser Staat hat sich verkauft, uns verraten an Banken" =
This state has sold itself, betrayed us to the banks

>"Betäubt von leuchtenden Farben" =
Benumbed by bright colors

>"Den Träum', die wir jagen, seit die Neunziger kamen
(Den Träumen, die wir jagen, seit die Neunziger kamen)
The dreams, we've been chasing, since the 90s started

>"Wähle weise aus, denn sonst schaut am ander'n Ende
Dieser Welt dafür noch jemand in den Lauf, ah" =
Make a wise choice, otherwise somebody on the other side of the world
Will be looking into the barrel of a gun for it

>"Dass meine Lehrer wissen, wie's sich in mei'm Luftschloss so lebt" =
That my teachers knew, what is life like in my castle in the air

little_miss_nomadlittle_miss_nomad    Mar, 10/11/2015 - 16:40

Thank you for the clarification RE "Lauf" - it hadn't occurred to me that he meant the barrel of a gun.