Yersinia Pestis (traducción al Holandés)

traducción al HolandésHolandés

Yersinia pestis

Cause of the plague
carrier of death
Invocation of the dark
Thief of bread
My breath plants a seed, a parasite
My rats as my horsemen
and my horsemen bring adversity and sorrow
Ungraspable envoy
goddless power
Rider of the pale horse
Ruler of the hunt
My breath shapes a prey, a necessities
With fleas as my hunters
and my hunters bring adversity and sorrow
Worship me with your fear
Worship me with your separations
My lusts are barely satisfied
when complete populations suffer
Yersinia Pestis
Yersinia Pestis
Seducer of dread
Harbringer of filth
Miasma sings her song for me
Lost in wails
My breath brings a (plague) spot, an acolyte
With the rats as my banners
and my banners bring adversity and sorrow
Minstrell of pain
Source of blood and pus
The black death, hell on earth
Unchain exodus
My breath forms a plague, a parasite
With fleas as my carriers
and my carriers bring adversity and sorrow
Yersinia Pestis
Yersinia Pestis
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Yersinia Pestis is the bacteria that causes the plague or black death.

1 'Verwekker' in the first sentence is a word that implies the fathering of something, to awake something in something.
2 'Het zwart' means the black, but I chose for the dark for clarity.
3 Rekwisiet translates to 'prop', but I doubt that is what is implied here. In old Dutch it could also mean necessity, so I chose for this translation instead.
4 I used '(Plague) Spot' for the Dutch word 'Buil'. 'Buil' would refer to a bump in the skin filled with abcess or a blister. Yet the word 'buil' is nearly always used in the case of the plague, and rather specific seen the context.


Yersinia Pestis

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