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A duck in the coffee
I have a hard time digesting, sometimes,
All the chewed up papers
That are caught in my net
Of voice. Poor fisherman,
You must read between my lines,
Not biting at my mood swings
Even if I'm not worthy of them.
You must stay Zen. Let's be zen,
Warm blood in the veins, let's be Zen
More shock tp the chain
Zen, let's stay Zen,
Calm in life like on the stage,
Without love and without hate.
I'm not in the wind of puppets,
Of these players deep in the court,
Of those who, for a little piece of atoll
Are ready to give up love,
All of these blackmailers
Who lack safes and nobility.
It's easy to count the errors
When you're not on the stage.
To make errors is human. Let's be Zen.
Warm blood in the veins. Let's be Zen.
More shock to the chain.
Zen, let's stay Zen.
Calm in life like on the stage.
Without love, and without hate.
Zen, Zen.
Zen, Zen.
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Shampoo    Mar, 26/02/2013 - 13:10

"Du sang froid dans les veines", it should be COLD and not warm blood right?