Reinhard Mey - Zu Deinem dritten Geburtstag (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

For your third birthday

I can see the doorhandle go down very slowly
I guess you stand in front of it on your toe-tips
And then you come in to me silently, happily smiling
And you immerse the dark room into a light shining
Just like you've now come into my room
You came into my life
And now that my youth is leaving you bring back
A piece of lost childhood to me
You came and turned my world
Into a question, onto its head
You easily take me out of my usual tracks
And force me to reflect all I've learnt
And when fears make me silent
Your laughter erases them
And when disappointments load on me you bring back
A piece of hope and confidence to me
My friendly, my tender, my affectionate child
You're as light and free as a feather in the wind
A new beginning, a silver stripe at the horizon
A good reason for to live
Like a spring morning you blow
Throw my everyday worries
And now that I dream more awake you bring back
A piece of freedom and fantasy to me
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Zu Deinem dritten Geburtstag

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