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Per me è importante ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

  • هنرمند: Tiromancino
  • ترانه: Per me è importante آلبوم: In continuo movimento (2002)
  • ترجمه‌ها: انگلیسی, صربستانی
ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی

It's important to me

Misunderstandings are so strange
it would be better to avoid them always
without risk to have right
because the reason doesn't always serve
But tomorrow I must go again
a new journey is waiting for me
And it will seem like without end
but I'll be watching the landscape
I'm away and it comes back to my mind
I'm imagining you talking to people...
My thoughts are flying to you
to get the pictures
now carved into the consciousness
as indelible emotions
That I cant' forget anymore
and a thought will look for you
Whenever I'd feel you distant
Whenver I'd feel like talking to you
to tell you that still
you're the only thing
that is important for me...
I always like to tell you
what is happening to me
my words become in your hands
new coloured forms
Deep notes never heard before
of the sweetest music
or a sounds of a siren
lost and distant
It will seem to me that I travel with you
with the same case for two
always sharing everything
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ارسال‌شده توسط کاربر مهمانکاربر مهمان در تاریخ 2010-01-01

Per me è importante

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