Arktiska Oceanen ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی

The Arctic Ocean

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so we built an arc, it would be massive
hundred acres of wood and marble
the animals entered two by two
and then we pulled away
you and I represented Mankind
we would proceed the species
I had chosen you carefully, you were fertile, had high class DNA and cheek bones
traveling along the river, towards the Sea of Barents
The Arctic Ocean, and so we pulled away
they can stay behind and wipe each other away
it had become too dark here for us sweethearts
they will regret themselves when the see us
strong on lush land and alive again
and we ported and it was time to copulate
Marvin Gaye on repeat until all were pregnant
spreading spores by hand and wait for the emergence
traveling along the river, towards the Sea of Barents
The Arctic Ocean, you wanted to get off
but i said: darling, what we're doing is greater then just you and I
drinking coffee on a frozen ice
the cracking beneath the scooter and the sun is high
if this is not left behind then I don't know what I'll do
the panic hit me in the clear light
thinks easier to push away into the noice of everyday life
that all disappears
that I walk around and pouring classes of water when all is already on fire
fire at me what a downer
living in a dystopia
them watching a sci-fi
on the screen it was us
this won't be playing on your radio
or at your dance floor
the air is clean when we wake up
the children are small, but they shall grow up
when we die they shall pas on our words
imagine if we were to erect a statue
with our names, building tower houses
doesn't matter if some insignificant species is extinct
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I have tried to translate as close to the original type of language as possible, with the shortened sentences etc. It's the style of lyrics that is typical of Säkert! who is writing as they speak in the northern parts of Sweden.


Arktiska Oceanen

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