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Discovery lyrics

  • هنرمند: Chris de Burgh
  • آلبوم: At the End of a Perfect Day


Lady love, go back to sleep
Dry the tears from your eyes
But I cannot stay with thee
Until the morning
For the dawn is breaking
And my ship is waiting for me, and I must go
But I'll be back, yes
Before this year is over
And we sailed across the sea
Till we found America
'Round the Cape of Storms
We set our sails for home
And when the sea was roaring
And the Lord I called to help my drowning men
I saw the light, yes
The candle in your window
And I have brought you silver
And I have brought you gold
And spices from the Indies
In the hold
And I've seen ships on the horizon
That I'd swear were going down
And now I know for certain
The world is round
I have seen, my eyes have seen
Oh, one day, says Galileo
A man will reach the sky
And see the world completely
From outside
And gazing down from yonder
On a world of blue and green
He'll say with eyes of wonder
"I have seen, I have seen
My eyes have seen"
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