Right-to-left languages in translations

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For right-to-left languages in translations, we have changed the orientation of lyrics and translations. What do you think about this innovation, did it become more convenient?

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<a href="/fa/translator/enjovher" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1219642">Enjovher</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 09.09.2014

For me, it looks great and amazing now!

I've been reviewing all RTL language available on LT and these languages are working properly:


1) Arabic Script:

  • Arabic
  • Arabic (Other Varieties)
  • Dari
  • Kurdish (Sorani)
  • Pashto
  • Persian
  • Urdu
  • Uyghur

2) Aramaic (Syriac) Script:

  • Aramaic (Modern Syriac Dialects)
  • Aramaic (Syriac Classical)

3) Hebrew Script:

  • Hebrew.
  • Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
  • Yiddish

4) Thaana Script:

  • Maldivian (Dhivehi)

But I'll let our native speakers gives us feedback on them.


EDIT: List updated. (Added Arabic (Other Varieties), Pashto, Urdu and Uyghur [For Arabic script]; Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) and Yiddish [For Hebrew script].

EDIT 2: List updated. Added Dari [For Arabic script]. K̶̶u̶̶r̶̶d̶̶i̶̶s̶̶h̶̶ ̶̶(̶̶K̶̶u̶̶r̶̶m̶̶a̶̶n̶̶j̶̶i̶̶) returns to LTR.

<a href="/fa/translator/velsket" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1260277">Velsket</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 25.09.2015

With regards to Arabic, I can confirm, the orientation changes are a good improvement. But as noted by [@Enjovher], the same changes need to be applied to Arabic (Other Varieties). Nicely done.

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<a href="/fa/translator/alexander-listengort" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1267295">Alexander Listengort</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 23.11.2015

Looks just perfect and much more convenient, thanks. Hebrew

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<a href="/fa/translator/kitkat1" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1276741">KitKat1</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 07.02.2016

It looks much better. Thank you!

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<a href="/fa/translator/aman-huda" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1382142">Aman Huda</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 14.05.2018

Helps really nicely for Urdu. Easier to read in Urdu now. Shukriyah! Thanks!

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تاریخ عضویت: 12.10.2010

Works great for most languages, but Kurmanji Kurdish is mainly written in a Latin-script alphabet (most Kurmanji speakers live in Turkey and use the Hawar alphabet), so it should be LTR.

Also, transliterations of RTL languages should appear in LTR orientation.

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<a href="/fa/translator/enjovher" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1219642">Enjovher</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 09.09.2014

Another RTL language: Dari

It also need to be fixed.

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<a href="/fa/translator/sailor-pokemoon2" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1399679">Sailor PokeMoon2</a>
تاریخ عضویت: 21.10.2018

Yeah that happened with mine too. And because I am still very new here I thought that I was the one who had messed up. After I asked a veteran on this website they told me that they didn't see anything wrong but the title looked "long". I had also not heard about this " update " until now ha ha

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تاریخ عضویت: 27.12.2016

For the languages Persian/Dari, Arabic, Urdu,... if it's possible, please add this feature in other places? like: comments, annotations, messages....