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Ai cuddos ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

  • هنرمند: Tenores di Neoneli هنرمند مهمان: Luciano Ligabue, Angelo Branduardi
  • ترانه: Ai cuddos آلبوم: Barones
  • ترجمه‌ها: انگلیسی, ایتالیایی
Sardinian (northern dialects)
Sardinian (northern dialects)

Ai cuddos

Ai cuddos ch'in favore
de sa patria han peroradu,
chi s'ispada hana ogadu
pro sa causa comune,
o a su tuju sa fune
cheriant ponner, meschinos,
o comente a Giacobinos
los cheriant massacrare.
Però su chelu hat difesu
sos bonos visibilmente,
atterradu hat su potente,
et s'umile esaltadu.
Deus, chi s'est declaradu
pro custa patria nostra,
de ‘ogn’insidia ‘ostra
isse nos hat a salvare.
Perfidu feudatariu,
pro interesse privadu
protettore declaradu
ses de su piemontesu.
Cun issu ti fist intesu
cun meda fazilidade:
isse papada in zittade
e tue in bidda a porfia.
Fit pro sos piemontesos
sa Sardigna una cucagna
che in sas Indias s'Ispagna
issos s'incontrant inoghe.
Nos alzaiat sa 'oghe
fintzas unu camareri,
o plebeu o cavaglieri
si deviat umiliare.
Issos dae custa terra
ch'hana 'ogadu migliones,
beniant senza calzones
E si nd'handaiant gallonados.
Mai ch'esserent istados,
chi ch'hana postu su fogu!
Malaittu cuddu logu
chi criat tale zenìa.
Issos inoghe incontràan
vantaggiosos imeneos,
pro issos fint sos impleos,
pro issos fint sos onores,
sas dignidades mazores
de cheja, toga e ispada,
et a su sardu restàat
una fune a s'impiccare.
Sos disculos nos mandàan
pro castigu e curressione,
cun paga e cun pensione,
cun impleu e cun patente.
In Moscovia tale zente
si mandat a Siberia
pro chi morzat de miseria,
però non pro guvernare!
Barones, sa tirannia
procurade 'e moderare!
Procurade 'e moderare,
barones, sa tirannia!
Barones, sa tirannia
procurade 'e moderare!
Procurade 'e moderare,
barones, sa tirannia!
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This song is a modern rendition of part of the the 1794 revolutionary song Su patriottu sardu a sos feudatarios.

ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی
تراز پاراگراف‌ها

To those

To those who in favor
of their fatherland have fought,
who have unsheathed their words
for the common cause,
either a rope around their throat
they wanted to run, the wretched,
or like the Jacobites
they wanted to massacre them.
But the heavens have defended
the righteous visibly,
brought down the powerful
and exalted the humble.
God, who has declared himself
in support of this land of ours,
from each one of your tricks
shall save us.
Perfidious feudal baron,
for personal interest
the self-professed protector
you are of the Piedmontese.
With them you have struck deals
with the uttermost ease:
he gorges himself in the city
and you try to beat him in the village.
For the Piedmontese
Sardinia was a feast
that like Spain in the Indies
they find right here.
They raise their voices on us,
even to one of their servants
both plebeian and knight
must humble himself.
They have from this land
stolen away millions,
they came without trousers
and they left in riches.
May they never have come,
may they be set on fire!
May the land be cursed
that created such a people.
They have gained here
advantageous marriages,
for them alone are the job posts,
for them alone are the honors,
the major distinctions
of Church, Robe and Sword,
and to the Sardinian remains
a rope with which to be hanged.
Their worthless they sent to us
for punishment and correction,
with a wage and a pension,
with employment and licenses.
In Moscow such people
are sent to Siberia
to let them starve
but not to govern!
Barons, your tyranny
do strive to moderate!
Do strive to moderate,
barons, your tyranny!
Barons, your tyranny
do strive to moderate!
Do strive to moderate,
barons, your tyranny!
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ترجمه‌های "Ai cuddos"
انگلیسی LjL
HampsicoraHampsicora    چهارشنبه, 10/08/2022 - 10:52

3rd line: their words > their swords

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