French Music request?

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hi, i would like to listen to famous french singers/songs and learn them. Can you recommend famous French singers men and women? But since i dont know much french i am hopeful to find translations of songs. any tips? thank you!

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Welcome to the community, have a pleasant stay.

My personal list: Lara Fabian (she's Belgian, but has several albums in French), Céline Dion (Canadian), Garou (Canadian), Jean-Jacques Goldman (French).

You can find all French artists here:
And here: you can find which French-speaking artist sings in which genre.

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Hi! One of my favourite artists is Stromae, he is Belgian but sings in french

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I guess we have something in common! I also want to lean the language but unfortunately I find it too hard kkkk.
It's up to your taste but I definitely recommend Maitre Gims or GIMS which is what he goes by now days. He's pretty famous and trendy. Also Kendji Girac if you like calmer music than GIMS.

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Hi there! Some personal favourites include:

Natasha St-Pier (
Patrick Fiori (
M Pokora (
Vianney (
Nolwenn Leroy (
Anggun (
Mickaël Miro (
Gérald de Palmas (
Alizée (
Tryo (

And Juan has already mentioned three who are fantastic singers and great for learning French as well:
Céline Dion (
Lara Fabian (
Jean-Jacques Goldman (

Pretty much all the pages have translated songs and their correspondent videos for you to listen to each of them.
Hope you find something you like! Cheers!

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I love Nana's singing long time. I am 77years old..... Young boy.... Serious,, her perfectly distint clear voice is like that off an angel. I could listen to her singing day and night..... Hubert Valentine Brogan, Tuam, county Galway, Ireland.. Thank you.

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I was born on my moms birthday... 14th. Feb. Year 1943... Thank you God....

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Hello! I highly recommend Charles Aznavour (French singer of Armenian extraction).
Otherwise, I'm fond of Kenza Farah's songs.

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Hi! I recommend a little bit of Avalon Jazz Band, a young french group. It's simple, but very pleasant to your ears, especially when Tatiana Eva-Marie sings.

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- Hi ; let's say my two favourite and still alive French singers with awesome lyrics (and tunes) are : THOMAS FERSEN (Monsieur, Chocolat...), MICHEL JONASZ (Je voulais te dire que je t'attends, La Boîte de jazz...) and JULIETTE (A voix basse...).

The first two ones are well featured here, and abundantly translated, the third one not sufficiently (I'd need help in English to post some more translations of her lyrics...).

Of course, this is without mentioning the oldest, greatest talents (I can only see Aznavour here), who've long been enthroned in the national Pantheon : Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, Claude Nougaro, Juliette Gréco - and so many others... Bye.

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If you want more modern music, I recommend Amel Bent, Vitaa, Slimane, Louane, Maitre Gims (and his brother Dadju), Kenji, Jennifer, Vianney etc. If you search them on Youtube, you'll find many more 😊

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It's interesting that nobody mentioned Angèle! Regular smile

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Hoshi, Clara Luciani, Jean-Louis Murat, Mylène Farmer, Louis Chédid, Michel Berger, Véronique Samson... and so many others!

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Charles Aznavour, Barbara, Charles Trenet, Dalida, Christophe, Michel Fugain, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Enrico Macias, Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, François Feldman, Marie Laforêt, Georges Brassens, Garou, Alizée, etc.

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Pierre Benvenuti!

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I'm also a huge fan of GIMS. In addition to him, check out Orelsan and Jean-Michel Jarre. JMJ's music is wonderful.

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Les textes d'Indila méritent qu'on se penche dessus

Les Rita Mitsouko