vanish into thin air

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ترجمۀ اصطلاحیِ "vanish into thin air"

sich in Luft auflösen
slink away
उड़न छू होना
छूमंतर होना।
गधे के सिर से सींग की तरह गायब होना

معنای "vanish into thin air"


disappear mysteriously.

Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta on یک‌شنبه, 29/09/2019 - 11:16
Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta

gå upp i rök

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Explained by Erik SpyroErik Spyro

"vanish into thin air" در ترانۀ

Madame - baby

Just because I gave you the stink eye
And you're afraid that I “puff”
Vanish into thin air
And you ask me if I'm staying

Haris Alexiou - Witch

You tell me
should I leave, live or vanish into thin air
which kind of wine

Jaume Sisa - Any Night The Sun Might Rise

Oh, welcome! Come in, come in,
we’ll make sadness vanish into thin air. My house is your house...
as long as there are somebody’s houses.

Sevinch Mo'minova - The heart is wounded

Oh, my imagination! don’t go don’t fly
Don’t vanish into thin air
My tired heat

Poolside - Feel Alright

But I'm feeling like I feel alright
Don't you let it slip, don't you lose your grip
Don't let us vanish into thin air
We can't be feeling like, I feel alright

El Sadat - Ain't going? - Msh Harooh

and this's a girl hanging out in a party late night..her mom's comin' suddenly!
Girl: I hope I can vanish into thin mom's coming to punish me
Mom: sway more and more!!

Cat's Eye (OST) - Cat eyes theme song

and adding always a little bit of foxiness
they always manage to escape
and vanish into thin air

Within Destruction - Hate Me

I don't give a fuck about my life
It would be the same if I vanish into thin air
My will to live and end it all in a constant strife

Piotr Cugowski - Let me live

we'll understand each other at once.
Even if not each of us knows his/her own way,
we'll vanish into thin air.

Tonin Tërshana - O girl, o flower*!

I'm about to say a sweet word
But you fly away, become wind (disappear/vanish into thin air)
Like a butterfly you run and laugh

Yiannis Ploutarhos - Past Midnight

over the illusion of touching you.
My thoughts are reckless** but when I reach you
you vanish into thin air, I lose you
and I lose you

Revolverheld - To you

And now simply get out
I can't look at you anymore
Now vanish into thin air
I don't want to hear more

Ute Lemper - Streets of Berlin

If I vanish into thin air?

If I vanish into thin air?

Kesmeşeker - Metin Kurt* Loneliness

Can make history
All the promises I've made
May vanish into thin air
A warm bear

Kris Allen - The Truth

Lyin' next to you
Wishing I could disappear, hey
Let you fall asleep
And vanish out into thin air, hey

Miracle of Sound - Gordon Freeman Saved My Life

I watch as the Combine are turnin' to flee, yeah!
They vanish into thin air like Episode 3, yeah!

kabu330 - Vanish Into Thin Air


You+Me - Gently

I can see it with my own two eyes
That I wouldn't mind
I don't care if I vanish into thin air
As long as there ain't pain

Ed Harcourt - A Secret Society

I'll teach you how to disappear
I need a willing volunteer
Vanish into thin air, leave your worries on these crowded streets
We're moving far away from here

Mali Vanili - Any Night They Will Clean You Out

Oh, welcome! Come in, come in!
You’ve made public money vanish into thin air.
This dough is not yours;