Kulak ver ki... ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)


Kulak ver ki...

Kulak ver ki havasında bahçemizin,
Gök maviliğinden, dal yeşilliğinden
Bir türkü söylenmede kendiliğinden;
Nasıl dinlersen öyle, sen veya hazin.
Kulak ver, dolaşan ruhumuzu tel tel;
Dallardaki tomurcukları ürperten
Bir türkü söylenmede kendiliğinden;
Dinlenmedikçe ömrün artar, öyle güzel!
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ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی
تراز پاراگراف‌ها

Hear and Heed...

Hear and heed the air of the garden
Blue sky and green branches
A ballad is being sung on its own
It is up to you how it sounds, you or grief
Heed the wind that snuggles our souls
That shivers the blossoms on branches
A ballad is being sung on its own
How lovely, as long as you heed!
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-This is a poetic translation of a (most likely) poem in Turkish Language, meanings may seem to be coverted. Clauses or the text itself may seem to be incomprehensible. If you don't understand the translation at first look, please read it again. Rest assured there are so many words that have no equivalent into target language, when I catch one, I will annotate it or explain it at the ''Author's comment'' Section. Do not hesitate to ask anything about the poem. Thank you for the collobration.-

Thank you for taking a look at my translation! Stay sharp!

ارسال‌شده توسط TeSTaMeNTTeSTaMeNT در تاریخ یک‌شنبه, 24/10/2021 - 02:08
دیدگاه پدیدآورنده:

Hear and heed, thou ​reader!

Heed the silent cry of those poets, poets of the whole world!

Heed the silent stack of poets

A stack that even Mer Méditerranée wouldn't accept!

A sharp noise shall thy ears hear!!

''Je suis le déluge!''

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