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生意気 (Namaiki) ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

  • هنرمند: Miho Nakayama (中山美穂)
  • ترانه: 生意気 (Namaiki) آلبوم: AFTER SCHOOL (1985)
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金の波 銀の波
私 寝椅子で夕陽を見てる
Do you love me? 写真の中の
Do you love me? 美青年
何故 嫌いになったの?
何故 口もきかないの?
何故 心を変えたの?
何故 勝手に消えたの?
どうせ私 そうよ生意気
Do you love me? 丘で見下ろす
Do you love me? 港町
今 写真をちぎって
今 風に飛ばすのよ
今 あなたの笑顔を
今 二つに破いた
どうせ私 そうよ生意気
どうせ私 そうよ生意気
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The golden waves turn to silver
And the boat to Singapore goes off into the distance
The breeze brushes against the palm leaves
And I watch the sunset from inside my chaise longue1
(Do You Love Me?) Inside our photo
(Do You Love Me?) Are two beautiful young people
So why would you ever hate me?
Why won't you listen to a word I speak?
Why have you suddenly changed your mind?
Why did you go away without telling me why?
Oh well, I'll be as cheeky as I want
I'll go to a foreign country, and cry beautiful tears alone
Once I had lost your love
I realized just how heavy of a weight it was on me
Hey, guy playing the guitar,
Change the song to something more groovy
(Do You Love Me?) Looking out over the hill
(Do You Love Me?) I can see the bay city
Now I rip up the photo
And let it fly off in the breeze
Now your smiling face
Has been ripped in two
Oh well, I'll be as cheeky as I want
Cause that's just how I love
Oh well, I'll be as cheeky as I want
Cause even without you, I can keep on living
  • 1. Chaise longue = a chair having a lengthened seat that forms a leg rest for reclining
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