Porque Lloras Blanca Niña ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

لادینو (یهودی-اسپانیایی)

Porque Lloras Blanca Niña

¿Porque lloras blanca niña,
porque lloras blanca flor?
lloro por vos caballero
que vos vas y me dejas.
Me dejas niña y muchacha
chica y de poca edad.
tengo niños chiquiticos
lloran y demandan pan.
Si demandan a su padre,
que repuesta les vo a dar?
metió la mano en el pecho,
sien dovlones le fue a dar.
Esto para que m'abasta,
para vino o para pan?
si esto no vos abasta,
ya tienes d'onde tomar:
Venderes viñas y campos,
media patre de la sivdad.
venderes viñas y campos
de la patre de la mar.
Vos asperares a los siete,
si no, a los ocho vos cazas,
tomares un mancevico
que paresca tal y cual,
que se vista las mis ropas
sin sudar y sin manchar.
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Why Do You Cry, Innocent Girl?

Why do you cry, innocent1 girl?
Why do you cry, innocent flower?
I weep for you, sir
You've going away, and leaving me behind.
You leave me [behind as] a child and maiden
A girl and of young age.
I have little children,
They weep and demand for bread.
If they ask for their father,
What answer should I give them?
[He] put a hand in his breast [pocket]
[And] gave them one hundred doubloons.
Is this enough for
Wine or for bread?
If this is not enough,
You have somewhere else to take more:
You'll sell vineyards and fields
Half of the city
You'll sell vineyards and fields
And half of the sea.
You'll wait for us for seven [years/months]2
If not, at eight we marry,
You'll take a young man
Who looks like me
Dress him in my clothes,
Without sweating and without staining.
  • 1. Blanca means white, it can also mean something innocent or pure.
  • 2. No time was specified here, so I left it as years/months because the girl is underage, and she has to be of age to marry him since he's older than her.
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