Su Getir ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

نمونه‌خوانی درخواست شده
کردی (کرمانجی), ترکی, عربی (گونه‌های دیگر)
کردی (کرمانجی), ترکی, عربی (گونه‌های دیگر)

Su Getir

Bi-l 'arabī, jibil mayi
Bi-l turki, su getir
Bi-l kurmanji, avê bîne
Allah ikhalli efendine
tew tew tew tew tew tew
Allah ikhalli efendine
were were were werre
Ez heyrana bejna te me
gel gel gel gel gel gel
can heyran selvi boyuna
Bi-l 'arabī, jibil leben
Bi-l turki, yoğurt getir
Bi-l kurmanji, mastê bîne
Bi-l 'arabī, jibil basal
Bi-l turki, soğan getir
Bi-l kurmanji, pîvaz bîne
Bi-l 'arabī, jibil khamir
Bi-l turki, rakı getir
Bi-l kurmanji, arraq bîne
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ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی
تراز پاراگراف‌ها

Bring water

In Arabic, bring water
In Turkish, bring water
In Kurmanji, bring water
May God bless/protect our leader
Tew tew tew tew tew tew
May God bless/protect our leader
Come, come, come, come
I admire your beauty
Come, come, come, come, come, come
I admire your height
In Arabic, bring yougurt
In Turkish, bring yougurt
In Kurmanji, bring water
In Arabic, bring onion
In Turkish, bring onion
In Kurmanji, bring onion
In Arabic, bring beer
In Turkish, bring beer
In Kurmanji, bring beer
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در جواب درخواست swedensourswedensour اضافه شد
دیدگاه پدیدآورنده:

I am unsure about the "can heyran selvi boyuna" part since I don't speak Turkish but from what I read online he is saying "I admire your height" but it is more like a poetical saying and not literal.

نویسندۀ این ترجمه درخواست نمونه‌خوانی کرده است. این بدین معناست که او خوش‌حال خواهد شد که تصحیح، پیشنهاد و... دربارۀ ترجمه‌اش دریافت کند. اگر شما در هر دو زبان مبدأ و مقصد مهارت دارید، می‌توانید دیدگاه بگذارید.
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alienated_salienated_s    چهارشنبه, 07/07/2021 - 16:28

I only speak Turkish out of those three languages, so... Can heyran selvi boyuna IS an expression of love/admiration for the height of the said person but I doubt it can be properly translated across. By the way, rakı doesn't mean beer, it's a different drink and it is called rakı or raki in English.

Ibrahim_MamoIbrahim_Mamo    سه‌شنبه, 27/07/2021 - 00:21

Yea bro that was what I was trying to explain, since in middle eastern languages we have sayings that just sound wrong when it comes to translating. And for the raki part since he basically said alcohol in both arabic and kurdish so I assumed he did the same for turkish. I don't speak turkish at all so I assumed all of the things in turkish since the song is basically saying the same thing in three diffrent languages.

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