Under Två Runor ( ترجمۀ انگلیسی)

ترجمۀ انگلیسیانگلیسی

Under Two Runes

I took my steps in the land of mud
Thousands of ravens in the dark sky
A swamp in the shadow of Death
There lay my moment of vengeance
No poison kills me
No devious advice
The spear with pride of stars
The troll with the power of the void
I saw a hole, a stream
Took my wrath and swallowed the moss
Below was a passage, an opening
I let it draw me in
Towards the deep embrace I traveled once more
Into the depths of ancient memory
Towards the depth of the God, towards the time of vengeance
There gripping were the claws of shadows' nightmare
She drank my blood
She stole my power
In fire so blue
I wriggled free
An ancient God who now sent me
She tore from me my inner fire
Then I took my spear of stars
With all my might I slashed
I saw the truth for what it was
The ancient God and the witch of serpents
Through the same bloodied mouth they spoke
As one, etched under two runes
No vengeance came to me
But the words were not forgotten
I was made king with the power of runes
Through the pact of vengeance and hatred
The gift of the ancient God
The power of runes
Towards the moon I ascended
Magic born again
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Under Två Runor

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