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Sens de « Ищи-свищи »


It's about someone or something, very hard to find. (usually it's about someone, who has gone / has escaped)

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« Ищи-свищи » dans des paroles

Potap and Nastya - Moskal' (Москаль)

Мы ругались как-будто за газ
Спорили, что лучше: щи или борщи?
Ты собрала вещи и ищи-свищи
А потом приличный стресс

Potap and Nastya - Muscovite

We fought as if it were for gas
We fought, what’s better: shi or borscht?[fn]Shi and borscht are Ukrainian soups popular in Eastern European cuisine.[/fn]
You collected [your] things and disappeared[fn]”Ищи свищи”, literally meaning “look whistle”, is an idiom signifying that something or someone has disappeared.[/fn]
And then decent stress