Когда я Был Большим (Kogda ya Bel Bol'shem) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Mashina Vremeni (Машина времени)
  • Chanson: Когда я Был Большим (Kogda ya Bel Bol'shem)
  • Traductions : anglais
traduction en anglaisanglais

When I was Bigger

When I was bigger I was not afraid of cars,
My dad said it snowed on mars, and he was the conqueror of all,
And from nine-to-five,
I worked as a hero.
I flew out the window, only my goals visible,
I drank two bottles of young wine,
And trained Bruce Lee corps de ballet and walking formations 1
I had a goal in life, my wife Natalya. 2
I went to the ends of the Earth, while Salvador Dali 3
He never bargained when he bought pictures from me.
And I flew at night, like an owl,
Composed cha-cha-chas and fair Ilyich, 4
From the cold, hemorrhoids 5
And scarlet fever 6
When I was bigger, I swallowed an Arshin 7
I was watching Chumak, but decided on nothing, 8
And for a hundred years I never went through the gate.
I created dawn, and the group “Sekret” 9
I painted the BGs on the wall, and whatnot,
I painted a portrait of myself,
and Nino Rota 10
And I walked under the window, charming ladies,
I lived with Moshe Dayan and Saddam 11
We took Agam in both the summer and the winter. 12
Only on one occasion did talks not work,
Then one of them lost an eye 13
But he wasn’t slow and didn’t even think about it.
When I was bigger I did not smoke anasha 14
However I did buy hashish from Chiang Kai-shek 15
And he lived without torment or worry, and he still died.
I was carried in the arms of everyone and their dog,
In a world that has declared a no-working day,
And Vladislav Tretiak, in a move of despair, changed his number. 16
Then each bell from the country called me,
My name was written upon the great wall,
My wife given to Magadan and the Voodoo Island 17
But it has been two-thousand years since then,
And I, again, have come into this world,
But-but-but-but-but I’m afraid, I’m already so much bigger than before.
But I-I-I-I-I am afraid, that I’m not big enough.
  • 1. Interesting line...there are more like this so it makes sense. He is saying here that he taught Bruce Lee how to dance, and how to walk information. He disciplined him.
  • 2. From ~2003 to 2010 Makarevich was married to a woman named Natalya Golub, this is from the 1989 to 2000 Album. So makes sense
  • 3. Funny I’m listening to IOWA’s Улыбайся while translating this and she says Salvador Dali in this song as well -_-
  • 4. Either this is referring to censoring Leo Trotsky’s Ilyitch, to the Patriarchal name that refers to Lenin or to the city of Ilyitch, need a native to help on this one.
  • 5. I’m sorry?
  • 6. Didn’t know hemorrhoids came as a package deal with scarlet fever
  • 7. He is referring to an outdated unit of Russian measurement. Jesus Makarevich and Leningrad have taught me about food, culture and now math and measurements?
  • 8. A faith healer that came around because of good ‘ol Gorbachev, the original Televangelist
  • 9. Okay trivia time! Remember my translation of “Сосевка” and who performed? Maxim Leonidov and Andrey Makarevich. Well, Maxim Leonidov is a performer on the Soviet Rock band “Sekret” (Секрет), so again, keep this in mind when thinking about the meaning of the song
  • 10. A famous Italian Composer
  • 11. Moshe Dayan was the defense minister of Israel, while Saddam, well, was the dictator of Iraq
  • 12. Agam is a ghost town in Azerbaijan.
  • 13. Moshe Dayan lost an eye to a French sniper bullet through his binoculars. Yikes
  • 14. Anasha could be a reference to weed
  • 15. The former president of China.
  • 16. Vladislav Tretiak is the president of Russian Ice Hockey.
  • 17. Magadan is a province/city/town in Russia
To me, music is a form of speech, and just like speech, music should be heard to all regardless of barriers in place. So by translating you're letting other people open up to a world that is alien to them, a world where many who listen to the Russian, German and French music I listen to, is not strange or weird because they do not understand what the singer is singing. By having translations music can share cultural and political ideas, or really just ideas, around without barrier, and allow for discussion over meaning and purpose instead of trivial pursuit.
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Commentaires de l’auteur·e :

This song is interesting. I'm not too sure on what it is about, there is a lot going on here. It seems to be the world getting larger, that so much has changed and that now things are at their peak. But with the song saying "when I was bigger" it could be referencing to all the turmoil (notice the metric ton of footnotes on historical points) and now things have slowed down. The references to Russia though could even be a reference to how much she has changed over the years, all of these could be correct, and I want to know what you think about it because I'm surprised I haven't found this song before. The references to both Russia and the world are the most interesting, and is why I think it is talking about Russia's massive impact on the world stage and how big she was back in the past but now she has shrunk, and could be about fears of the same thing happening.

Когда я Был Большим (Kogda ya Bel Bol'shem)

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