Тебе поем (traduction en anglais)

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  • Artiste invité: Ангѣлити
  • Chanson: Тебе поем 10 traductions
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Тебе поем

Тебе поемъ
Тебе благословимъ
Тебѣ благодаримъ , Господи!
И молимъ ти сѧ Боже нашъ!
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Bulgarian orthodox beautiful song Dobri Hristov - Tebe poem

traduction en anglaisanglais
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We sing to You

We sing to You,
we praise You,
we thank You, O Lord,
and we pray to You, our God.
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Steve RepaSteve Repa    Mar, 18/09/2018 - 01:55

we give thanks onto Thee ... ?
pray onto you