夢中人 (Mung jung yan) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Faye Wong (王菲)
  • Chanson: 夢中人 (Mung jung yan) 4 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais #1, #2, espagnol, translittération

夢中人 (Mung jung yan)

夢中人 一分鐘抱緊 接十分鐘的吻
陌生人 怎麼走進內心 製造這次興奮
我彷似跟你熱戀過 和你未似現在這樣近
思想開始過份 為何突然襲擊我
來進入我悶透夢窩 激起一股震撼
Ah, la, ha, la, ya, ha, ya, ha, ah
夢中人 多麼想變真 我在心裡不禁
夢中尋 這分鐘我在等 你萬分鐘的吻
夢中尋 一分鐘抱緊 我在心裡不禁
夢中人 這分鐘我在等 來製造心裡興奮 心興奮
Ah, la, ha, la, ya, ha, ya, ha, ah
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The soulmate in my dream

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The one in my dream, let's hug for a minute and kiss for ten minutes.
How could a stranger break into the hearts and create this excitement.
It seems like I've been crazy in love with you and you've never been so close to me.
My mind starts fancying, why make my fancy?
Why stir up my boring dream and raise that impact?
Ah, la, ha, la, ya, ha, ya, ha, ah
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The soulmate in my dream,how desperate I want you to be real.
Searching you within endless dreams,Waiting for you at this minute for your countless minutes kisses.
Seeking among dreams for that minute of hug,The desire burns my heart.
My dream one, I'm waiting for you in this moment to create my Heart excited
Ah, la, ha, la, ya, ha, ya, ha, ah
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