难忘的一天 (traduction en anglais)

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traduction en anglais

An Unforgettable Day

The sun is warm right now,
Always shining into my heart.
[But] without you,
How will it have me today?
Sometimes, I would reminence
The story I've experienced with you--
Those romantic scenes, rising up,
their sweetness hurts again.
Going to that familiar place again,
You, nowadays, wouldn't know were it was.
You used to give me a warm feeling
[which is] still in my heart.
If I see you again,
How will that romantic scene be again?
[And] would I hold you in my bosom again?
The sun is really warm,
Always shining into my heart.
Past events are faraway,
One year after another.
Unexpectedly, on this day,
When not paying attention
On a street where people crowd together,
You pass by my side,
[In] a blue dress blown by the wind
A warm face in the sunset,
You are more beautiful than before,
Like a flower in full bloom.
This is a day I won't forget,
Waiting patiently and with an urge,
I see you gradually going farther and farther away,
Lost in a sea of people.
Publié par Elda Mengisto le Sam, 18/08/2018 - 04:13
Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

"怎么会有我今天" was one of the harder parts to translate; I simply translated it word for word. Let me know if it works!
"衣衫" also means clothes or generally, what one's wearing, but I used dress because I thought of the narrator remembering a girl they liked.

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