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  • Jacqueline Taïeb

    7 heures du matin → traduction en anglais

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7 in the morning

It's seven in the morning
Have to get up
Aaaaaahhh, I'm sleepy
So, a little music to get me going, I don't know
Something like
Talkin' 'bout my ch-ch-generation
Yeah... that's not quite right
Now I can't find my toothbrush
Where has it gone now?
Hm, the blue one is my dad's
The red one is my mom's
The yellow one is my brother's
Have you seen my... toothbrush?
Well look at that, today is Monday
Ah, I have an English assignment due tomorrow
Mmmmmmmm, I'd love to have Paul McCartney
To help me
I want to put a record on to annoy the neighbors who sleep all day long
Hm, something like a good Elvis Presley
Ah, but really he just keeps going
Olobopalluba alopempom wa
A little water on my face to wake me up
Sleepy time... is over
I'm almost ready and things are going much better
Hm, should I put on my red shetland or my blue one?
My red shetland? My blue shetland?
My blue shetland!
Hm, my red shetland
Oh, my blue shetland
My red shetland
Hm, the blue one... the blue... the red one
My red shetland...
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7 heures du matin

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RomaintRomaint    Lun, 18/08/2014 - 07:31

You are right for Shetland.
For "il en est resté", this mean Elvis is "blocked/he as not changed" since "olobopalluba alopempom wa"


Owain78Owain78    Sam, 18/02/2017 - 00:39

This is such a cool song. Thanks for the translation 8)